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Power Yoga For A Healthier Life

What is Power Yoga

Unquestionably, power yoga is the hottest trend in the world of health and fitness in India today. Aren’t you aware what it is and why it has created a lot of buzz around? Read on.

Power Yoga is a derived western version of Ashtanga Yoga, which was originated in India. This new form of yoga mainly focuses on increasing the physical strength and flexibility of individuals. But it incorporates some traditional yoga poses such as holding the particular body posture for a long time so as to increase physical flexibility. Moreover, practicing It also help improve mental stability, develop self-discipline, and enhance concentration.

With the growing popularity of power yoga benefits, more and more power yoga centers are emerging in all metropolis of India, including the cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad. This dynamic fitness program is no more a jet-set’s stuff. Instead, it is fast emerging as an affordable and viable fitness solution for everyone out there.

When practiced regularly with an expert trainer, power yoga brings in numerous health benefits to you. Now without adding further ado, let’s dive into some of the most important health benefits of Power Yoga.

Physical Benefits

  • Increases physical strength, flexibility and boost stamina, ultimately reducing the risk of any physical injury while performing other activities.
  • Eliminates toxic content from the body through sweating and improve immunity
  • Suitable for people of all ages, including those who are a victim of any physical discrepancy or suffering from arthritis
  • Improves body postures and considerably reduce back-pain
  • Ensures a great alternative of bone stretching exercises and keeps bones diseases of all types at bay
  • Improves bird circulation; meaning reduce the chances of blood clots in your body, so can save you from hearth strokes and attacks
  • Increase metabolic rate and promote weight loss by burning calories
  • Tones up the whole body
  • Prepares one physically for any particular sport including swimming, golf, cricket, cycling and football

Mental Benefits

  • It can help make you feel good by changing your mood. According to a study, it can increase the level of brain chemical named GABA and thus can improve your mood.
  • It can also help boost self-confidence and self-esteem
  • A study says that individuals who practice yoga for minimum 2 hours a week continuously for 2 years have showed off stress level 41% lesser than found in others. So, all women out there, you can get rid of tension or any kind of stress by simply visiting a power yoga center in your city for at least once a week!
  • It also helps enjoy a good night`s sleep. So, if you are suffering from any sleeping disorder, then practicing power yoga regularly can help you get deeper and more quality sleep.
  • When compared to other form of exercises like cardio, power yoga seems more beneficial in improving focus ability and memory.

Swasthya Physiotherapy and Health Clinic offer a comprehensive power yoga training tailor-made to your daily lifestyle and ensures the many health benefits as stated above. Want to learn more about our fitness and yoga program?

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