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Robotic Physiotherapy

Robotic Physiotherapy For stroke patients’ rehabilitation

The extreme busy and stressful lifestyle, has led us to many potential health hazards and heart stroke counts in! It is one of the most common and biggest health problems the world is facing today. And India is certainly not an exception to it! Particularly, Ahmedabad which is fast rising a leading business hub and culture hub of the country has been witnessing an increased number of stroke in the last few years.

But fortunately, the death rate from stroke has been reduced dramatically in the last decade. But if not ensured the right care and rehabilitation, stroke can result in many other serious and disabling health problems for the patients and their families. While the medical science has gone far in excellence in acute stroke management, the post-stroke rehabilitation treatment still matter!

Why Robotic Physiotherapy surpasses all other rehab methods

Neuroplasticity is the real science or technique that is leveraged to ensure the physical as well as neural improvement in a patient post-stroke. However, it is essential that the therapist you choose has ample expertise to make the most effective use of this mechanism for the functional recovery of stroke patients. There are many other aspects that a professional therapist will look after including intensive training at a regular time interval, type of functional tasks and multidisciplinary team care, which make stroke rehabilitation a laborious job!

Well, there is a great solution though! Robotic physiotherapy has become quite popular in the last several years, thanks to more advanced and faster computers as well as electromechanical machines. The advanced robotic machines have been successfully used in the stroke rehabilitation intervention.

This robotic technology has shown an excellent track-record of results in the rehab patients of motor disorders, mainly caused by spinal cord diseases or stroke. There are mainly two types of Rehabilitation robots – therapeutic and assistive robots. The leading physiotherapy clinics are using interactive motion robots that are exclusively designed and programmed to fit stroke patient’s arm or leg such that the device can help the patient reestablish their brain connections in the desired way.

It’s a fact that a stroke patient can’t get back their motor skills unless they constantly put in efforts to move non-responsive parts of their body. And these interactive robotic machines are designed to adapt the skill-set of the patient, ultimately being an extremely useful device throughout the rehabilitation process.

A research says that motor recovery of stroke patients using the robotic physiotherapy treatment is twice faster than patients using traditional therapy. The robotic technology has a myriad of other application in the medical world. It helps people recover from genetic disorders and cure children suffering from cerebral palsy.

No matter how advanced this robotic technology is, it can’t cure any disease on own. But it can certainly do so effectively when turn up as an arsenal of a physical therapist. These robotic machines are helping people recovering from post-illness effect.

At Swasthya Physiotherapy and Health Clinic, we boast of complete insight into this robotic device and how they can function to ensure complete recovery in many serious health problems.

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